Can a Catholic sell alcohol?

Would it be cooperation in evil if a Catholic sold alcohol like wine and champagne? The reason I ask is because I want to open a gift basket business and would like to include these beverages in some of the baskets.

No, why would it be?

What does selling alcohol have to do with being Catholic? If it were against dogma to sell alcohol there would be no awesome Irish pubs:eek:

Does the Catholic Church teach wine and champagne are evil?

I was wondering because some people might get drunk on it? So if i sell it to them I would be cooperating? That’s why I am asking

Gosh I sure hope so. I would rather give my money to a nice Catholic businessman and have some nice drinks at the end of a hard day.

Or Italian amaretto.

To be cooperating with evil, something must be evil to start with. Which wine and alcohol are not.

Someone might buy a set of steak knives and kill their spouse with one. That doesn’t mean steak knives are evil. Someone might whack another person over the head with the champagne bottle, it doesn’t mean champagne bottles are evil.

You are not responsible for what someone does with an object that is morally good/neutral after purchasing it from you, particularly the misuse of that object.

Unless of course you have prior knowledge that someone intends to use the steak knives they purchase from you to murder someone, in which case you would be cooperating with evil.

By that logic, we shouldn’t sell food. Some people might overeat. Sounds silly, but not more so than selling alcohol

Did Jesus commit evil by providing the wine at the wedding???

Beer, wine, whiskey (uisge beatha, “water of life”), and other liquors and liqueurs are fine in themselves. Used in moderation, they help digestion and bring joy, as the Bible says. Many varieties of alcohol were actually invented by Catholic religious (Chartreuse by the Carthusians, Benedictine by the Benedictines, etc.)

And of course Jesus drank wine and used it in his parables and sayings, as well as instituting the Eucharist with its accidents.

By His grace, miracles of multiplication of wine, or of beer and wine barrels that never run out for months, have been common in Christian history. One of the most famous and well documented of these miracles occurred to St. Catherine of Siena, but it has happened in tons of other times and places too.

Getting drunk (on purpose) is a sin; drinking alcohol is not.

If you’re worried about this, you should informally place this aspect of your business under the care of one of the many patron saints of winesellers, winemakers, brewers, etc. If you’re doing gift baskets, I would suggest St. Wenceslaus or St. Brigit would be appropriate; but there are tons of saints to choose from.

I think you’re pretty right, after all, as another poster mentioned, Jesus himself turned water into wine at the wedding feat in Cana. We also use it for communion. :slight_smile:

If someone was stumbling around drunk and wished to buy some more alcohol, than that I believe would be a different story.

I hope this has helped

God Bless

Thank you for reading

Nothing evil about wine …Jesus drank wine but didn’t get drunk!

Then Catholics shouldn’t open a hardware store because people can buy rope to hang themselves or knives to kill someone. :wink:

Hope so - I sell wine for a living!!! :smiley:

If people cannot control their consumption of the alcohol you sold them, that is their problem.

You can pray the rosary, and meditate on the Luminous mysteries, one of which is the turning of water into wine at a wedding feast.

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