Can a Catholic speak at a non-Catholic funeral?

I am a practicing Catholic and I have been asked by a relative to speak at a non-Catholic funeral. Is this allowed?

SURE I do believe it is OK but ONLY at non Catholic funerals.

Really and truly we are NOT supposed to have Eulogies at a Catholic Funeral. That is supposed to be done at the wake or get together after the funeral.

But of course the OP had to do with a NON-Catholic funeral. I have had the honor of speaking at several, and in that setting - a Protestant Memorial Service - the expectation is that it will very much be about the deceased.

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Go right ahead. It’s not a problem.

Thank you. I appreciate the clarification.

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My advice is to do what you feel is best. If you want to be there, be there to give support and share memories. The fact that the deceased wasn’t Catholic shouldn’t be an issue. Just speak from your heart and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

Why wouldn’t it be allowed ?
It’s a sign of respect towards you to be asked to say a few words

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Yes, why would you believe otherwise?

Interesting. I’ve been to three Catholic funerals and all of them had a eulogy for the deceased.

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It often happens, but is not supposed to be part of the funeral Mass. The homily should focus on the readings, which are about Christ as the source of eternal life and our hope in the Resurrection.

The eulogy is suggested for the wake or after the funeral at a gathering for family and friends.

That said, virtually every funeral I’ve attended has included a eulogy.

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So far, only one (Catholic) funeral I’ve been to has had a lay person give a eulogy during the Mass.

I attend a lot of funerals—very rarely has there not been a eulogy. Usually given right after Communion. I wonder if it’s regional?

As a practicing Catholic why would you even have to ask such a question…aren’t you just being over scrupulous…the Catholic Church isn’t some Ogre ready to condemn its adherents to hell whenever it sees an opportunity…I assume it’s a Christian funeral where you’ve been asked to speak at…and not a funeral at a witches coven where everyone is going to be chanting to the earth goddess and dancing around naked…who knows…if you give a good eulogy you might just make one or two of our Protestant brothers and sisters realize Catholics aren’t just a bunch of idol worshippers after all.

Why are you assuming that it’s a Christian funeral? The OP didn’t specify the religious community. It could easily be a Jewish funeral, a non-religious funeral, a humanistic funeral, or possibly a funeral that is an Anglican or Lutheran Eucharist. There are a lot of possible scenarios here.

Well…the other posts here also seem to “assume” the OP is referring to a Christian funeral…I also “assume” the OP would have mentioned if it was other than a Christian funeral…Anglicans and Lutherans are Protestants by the way

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I’d be ok with the OP speaking at a non Christian funeral to be honest.

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I’ve attended a lot of funerals, too. About three or four dozen of which were Catholic, in all parts of the country from San Diego to Boston, and have NEVER encountered a eulogy, by the celebrant or anyone else, during a Catholic funeral mass. I don’t think I ever heard the deceased referred to in any way during the homily or any other part of the mass, except as “Your servant N.” in the fixed prayers.

And I move in rather progressive circles.

To be more accurate, I haven’t heard what is considered a eulogy, but the priests’ homilies have always included some mention of the decedents, briefly describing who they were, what they were like, and how they reflected Christ in their lives, and how the readings, the Gospel, the Funeral Mass itself are relevant to all of us.

The fact is, it’s not a normal Mass, and people are there specifically to celebrate that person’s passing from this life to the next.

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The priest in our local community does not allow a Eulogy but does allow the family to share some memories! :wink:

As I understand it, the US Rite of Christian Funeral has a place in the Funeral Mass for a friend or member of the family to say some words. In the Canadian Rite that option doesn’t exist in the Funeral Mass but is in the Funeral Vigil rite.

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