Can a Catholic use rainbows?

My mother says that no Catholic can not be involved with anything that is a rainbow or rainbow colored publicly. She state that in doing so everyone will think you are supporting homosexuality, she stated that she heard this from a Priest. I think that this is a stretch, especiall how she says you can’t even draw a rainbow. So can a Catholic use rainbows?

Today many people associate rainbow with LGBTQ+ movement because they use it. Every color represents one sexual identity/orientation. When someone wears it today many people will have lgbt association on mind. It is normal thing today actually, we are bombarded with gender /LGBTQ movement stories.

So, advocates for homosexuality think they have a lot to celebrate, and the emblem of their “pride” movement is a multicolored flag symbolizing a rainbow of inclusion and tolerance.

The rainbow symbol, however, was a Judeo-Christian image first, one that Catholics should reclaim in charity and clarity to better extend the Church’s mission to those who experience SSA. The rainbow is first seen as a sign of God’s hope and mercy following the great flood (Gen. 9:8-17). And Jesus reveals that making disciples of all nations is at the heart of the Church’s divine mandate (Matt. 28:18-20). Everyone , including those of all ethnicities and skin colors, is welcome in God’s kingdom. This makes the Catholic Church the truly original “Rainbow Coalition.”

In general yes, why not. It isn’t LGBTQ 's property.


There is nothing intrinsically evil about representing the spectrum on light.,is%20separated%2C%20producing%20a%20rainbow.


One more thing, if you are a minor and your mom does not want you to wear rainbow colors, obey her.


AFAIK, rainbows remain the only way to find and catch a leprechaun.

So even if other Catholics couldn’t use rainbows, the Irish would have a dispensation.
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Like they get during Lent when they are required to eat corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day


That’s not a dispensation; it’s a superceding mandate . . .

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God used a rainbow to make a promise to the world He would never destroy the world with flood ever again… how do you teach that to your children and forbid rainbow in your life?

Besides how else are we going to get Skittles?


of course you can if you can use a prism. And if your mother tells you not to, do it anyway. As the velvet underground says, white light white light

Wasn’t that the pot of gold after you caught the leprechaun?

That’s ridiculous. God made rainbows. We are free to enjoy them and to use them as art work, decoration, or just to enjoy photographs.

Before gay people glommed onto the rainbow, it was used all through my childhood as a symbol of racial harmony and diversity.

There are specific uses of “Rainbow flags” and other rainbow motifs associated with gay pride, and other uses of it to show that gay people are welcome in a particular church or store. It’s easy enough for a Catholic to avoid these usages if they want to, without needing to avoid every possible use of a rainbow or a multicolored design.

Edited to add, here, show this to your mom…The Church of St. Alphonsus Liguori in Rome, where they keep the original image of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, doesn’t have a problem with using a rainbow in its sacred art. Christ is sitting on one above the altar.

As someone said, if you’re a minor, then respect your mom’s preference to not use rainbows in her home…but they aren’t forbidden for Catholics to use, draw, etc.

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The corned beef was actually invented by Jewish-Americans and foisted onto the Irish-Americans. Hmmm, conspiracy? :crazy_face:


I was always told by my grandma that I will become boy if I walk under rainbow… LOL

Wikipedia says it is some Bulgarian legend

  • In Bulgarian legends, it is said that if you walk beneath a rainbow, you will change genders: if a man, you’ll begin to think like a woman, and if a woman, you’ll begin to think like a man. While most Bulgarians don’t believe in the superstition, some of them tease each other and joke around. They might also say “The sun is shining, the rain is falling, a bear is getting married” (roughly translated-in the original verse, the last part rhymes).
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Ah, so it’s all the Bulgarians’ fault! :grin:

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Everything is clear now :joy:

Nah, that didn’t need a conspiracy.

Of britain’s many sins against the Irish people, we can’t omit inflicting english food upon them. (the real reason britania ruled the waves for so long was not God or gold, nor King or glory, but because a young man could go to sea and eat moldy biscuits and limes, trying to stay out of the path of the sadistic first mate with a lash, or stay home and eat british food. Not a tough choice . . .)

Anyway, we would have latched on to just about anything . . .

(personally, I’m not that fond of any meat as fatty as corned beef. The best I ever had was at a KofC St Paddy’s day meal, when costco had run out and used the seasoning on a roast beef to fill the last orders . . .)

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Brief reply: ‘why should the devil have all the good tunes?’

Longer reply: my late mother loved rainbows. We chose to include a picture of one on her headstone. If someone had said to me that doing so could be interpreted as a political statement… well, I would have laughed uncharitably in their face.

Five years later, I can understand that our decision might be interpreted by some more obsessive people as political, but I still don’t care. Rainbows are from God and my mother loved them. The rest is just noise.

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