Can a child be baptized if the parents aren't married?


My best friend’s ex-girlfriend is going to be having a child. The child belongs to my best friend and the ex-girlfriend I have just mentioned. I really don’t want to discuss the relationship between them right now. It is very complicated.

What I do want to ask is this: When the child is born, can it be baptized into the Catholic Church if the couple is not married?

And if it can’t, what other options does the couple have?

Thank you for your time. I really would appreciate any reply. You see, the mother of the child is very upset about this. She learned that she can’t baptize her child because they aren’t technically married. She’s been going on a rant about how stupid the “rules” of the Catholic Church are even though she is a Catholic.

I really would like to bring her some good news.


Apocalypse 12,

This link should provide you and your friend with that good news you were hoping for. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by this link, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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