Can a child from the occult deprive me of an afterlife?

When I was a young boy in 3rd grade about 9 years old I think there was a kid in my class who was into all this occult type of stuff. He had a friend who was into it with him. He played Magic the card game and believed himself to be a channeler. He said he could channel spirits and summon powers and what not. He said he could put curses on people and one time said he gave a girl nightmares for three years and made spiders become attracted to her. Then he went on to make a claim that he could use me as an antenna to contact others because I was tall. He told me one day that he wanted to become an immortal and said he was going to sign a lease for my soul. He said I wouldn’t die but when I died I just wouldn’t have an afterlife or something like that. I was a young ignorant child and had no idea what a lease was in third grade. I thought he meant release. So I told him to sign it and he closed his eyes and focused and said it was done. When he explained what it was I said that I wanted to be released and he said he couldn’t do anything about it and said not to worry that I just wouldn’t have an afterlife. Since then I’ve moved far away from where I went to elementary school and haven’t spoken to this kid in a very long time. Now, as silly as this sounds this has bothered me for many years. A part of me doesn’t believe it at all but the other part of me has kind of wondered what if he was telling the truth about this. I’m just scared. I didn’t consent to this and I’m just wondering if I can still go to heaven.


Dear Max,

Even if that child did have dark powers, which I strongly doubt he had, you have nothing to worry about. You have been baptized into the life of Jesus Christ. He is your protection against evil. However, we all have need to be on guard to avoid temptations to sin. We have the power that child did not have. We can choose to put ourselves in hell. We can also choose to unite ourselves to Christ in all we say and do. The choice is always ours.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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