Can a convalidation be performed during Easter Vigil Mass?

Due to a tremendous amount of family strife my husband and I decided to call off our wedding and elope. It is still important to me for the marriage to be recognized within the Church and incorporate God fully into this marriage. My family will be together for Easter, is it possible to have a convalidation during the Vigil Mass?

Dear friend,

If you get civilly married, you are still not validly married and do not have marital rights until you ARE validly married. Otherwise, you will be living in the state of mortal sin and NOTHING is worth that!

There is no law prohibiting a convalidation at the Easter Vigil. But the Easter Vigil is a long parish liturgy, involving the needs of many people. I doubt that most pastors would want to extend the length of it for your convenience when you can do this at almost any time.

Or–you could have a private Catholic wedding and later invite the family for a reception.
You are in my prayers,

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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