Can A Curse Be Forgiven deuteronomy

I won’t go into detail but can a curse be forgiven if you commit a offense that is in Deuteronomy section 27? i fear the cause of my ill health is god curse on me for what I have done.

I’m unfamiliar with Deuteronomy section 27, but if you believe in curses, maybe this prayer (in bold) from Barnabas Nwoye and his ‘precious blood devotion’ may be of some assistance.

I’ll tell you up front it’s not an approved devotion like the Rosary or the Divine Mercy. The jury is still out as far as the great thinkers in the Church are concerned.

I’m just passing it on to you because if I really believed that I was cursed I would earnestly say this prayer dally…right after the Rosary.

Prayer for Release from Ancestral Curses
(8 July 1998)

(“My children, pray it and make it known to the whole world. All who are under curses and constantly say this prayer shall be free from their curses. Any family that is suffering from the curse of sins made by their forefathers, and makes a 144 day novena through this prayer, will be freed. All who break a covenant and who are supposed to die shall be saved and also be released from their curse if they constantly say this prayer and repent.”)

Eternal Father, You are the only Immortal God, God Who is love, merciful and kind. Look at Your only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ, and have mercy. I offer You the pains of His scourging at the pillar, His Wounds and Blood for all Your people who are living under the weight of the curse due to the sins of their ancestors and their disobedience for breaking the covenant they made with You. May You set us free through the scourging of Your Son, heal us through His Wounds and save us through His Precious Blood. Amen. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ - release us from curses. Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ - heal our wounds. By Your scourging - seal us. Amen.

Forget about it.
Jesus spoke about it in the Gospel.

Neither in Judaism nor Catholicism is a curse something that cannot be altered by means of repentance and atonement. If you believe you have committed mortal sins, my suggestion would be to seek repentance through the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession). Have no fear that you are permanently cursed for any sins of your past. We have all committed sins, but G-d is abundantly merciful to those who seek forgiveness.

I meant section 28. my mistake,

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