Can a demon haunt you


I think I’m being haunted by a demon and I think he lives in the attic I have a recurring dream that demon is trying to get me and also twice I saw a figure standing at the food of my bed the first time i thought I was seeing things so I blinked it was still there so I blinked again and it was still there I turned on the light it was gone another time I saw it, it was rapidly moving closer to me turned on the light and it was gone. My room is connected to the attic by a door and I’m so scared to sleep by myself (I never use to be) I also won’t go in my room unless there’s people in the house because i get an eery feeling from it and I also sleep with the light on now I’ve told my priest he said it’s not a demon and I’m imagining things but it isn’t going away I’m 18 like I shouldn’t be afraid of the dark I also experienced something similar to this when I was around 10 again when I was around 16 but this is the longest it’s lasted it’s been like 2 months now


The first thing you need to do is rule out any physical or mental illnesses that could be causing this. I’m telling you this now because if this is demonic, these need to be ruled out anyways.

  • Is your house blessed?

  • Has anyone else seen these “things”?

  • Have you or anyone in the house dabbled with the occult?


Get some holy water and sprinkle it on the door to the attic and around your bed


dreams are just dreams, they do not mean we have demons haunting us

Have you told your parents about this. it might be time for a little directed health care.

You can also get your parents to ask the priest to come and bless the house.


Spiritual Protection of the Home

Dear Lord Jesus, please surround me with a perimeter
of Your Love and Protection throughout the day today
and every day a hundred yards in all directions. Lord
Jesus, render any demons that are here, or should try
to come, deaf, dumb, and blind. Strip them of all
weapons, illusions, armor, power, and authority.

Disable them from communicating or interacting in any
way. Bind, sever, and separate them, sending them
directly to the foot of Your Cross, without harm or
manifestation, to us or to anyone else, to be dealt with
by You, Jesus, as You see fit.

May Your Precious Blood cover us, the Holy Spirit fill
us, Mary’s mantle of love and protection surround us,
St. Joseph guide us, the Holy Angels and Saints guard
and protect us from all unfortunate events. Protect us
from fire, theft, vandalism, flood, storms, ailments, and
accidents of every sort, distress, hardship, curse, and
all untoward things. I ask this all in Your Name Jesus,
through Mary’s intercession, now. Amen!


Have you realized you have the makings of a movie or short novel here ?
The Church has your back if a real demon



Our house is blessed has been blessed twice and no one has dabbled in the occult were Catholic I’ve also told my parents they also say I’m imagining things


If they think you’re imagining things, perhaps you should rule out mental health factors first. In the meantime: acquire blessed salt (by a Catholic priest) and sprinkle it around your bed and in front of the attic door, pray the St. Michael prayer before going to sleep and if you’re scared or seeing the figure again, pray the Rosary as you go to sleep, and ask for Our Lord’s Precious Blood to wash over and protect you from all evil.


If your priest says it’s not a demon, it’s not a demon. And if your house has been blessed twice already, you shouldn’t be having any problems with the demonic.

Perhaps spend more time in Church.


I’ve only seen the figure twice the last time was 3 weeks Ago it’s not the figure I’m scared of it’s the dreams and general eery feeling in my room


I’ll explain the dream and maybe you’ll understand why it’s so scary at first I’m in a dark room and there’s photos of Jesus all around but there distorted hiding behind one of the photos is a hooded figure all I can see is the pale hands as I aproach It disappears and all of a sudden I’m outside and the world is divided by this big hole and the giant demon is in the middle and he’s laughing and grabbing people and throwing them into the fire then he grabs me and throws me in and I wake up


this …very practical advice


I go to church every Sunday, I pray every morning and every night I’m currently doing a 9 day Novena where I can only eat bread and water so I don’t think it’s because I need to spend more time in the church anyway last night i didn’t have the dream and I slept peacefully


rosie, you have been having night mares for 5 years?

have you seen a sleep therapist or a mental health worker.

having night mares means we loss sleep. we don’t get enough sleep, we wake , we are disturbed by our dream. we stay awake.

dreams and nightmares occur in the REM stage of our sleep. A sleep therapist can help


It hasn’t been for 5 years it’s on and off when I around 9 or10 then it stopped for 6 years started again when I was 16 then stopped and now it’s started again but I didn’t have the dream last night probably because I didn’t go to sleep till around 4 am


Sometimes when I’m alone in my room at night I get this sudden fear I just face the wall and I get afraid to look around incase I see something it just generally feels evil


It’s just a dream, Rosie11. Dreams are the mind’s way of working through things that are going on in your life. Have you been ill lately? Under more stress than usual? Are you getting the proper nutrition? Getting the right amount of sleep?

My advice is to see your PCP and get a complete physical. He or she will then be able to rule out any underlying causes and prescribe the proper treatment.

As I said before, also spend more time in Church. Spend more time in prayer. That will help you spiritually.


Are you able to go to Daily Mass? That and going to Adoration before and after do wonders.


No because I don’t have a car so I have to wait till everybody else is going so I can go with them

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