Can a divorced man become a priest?

Can a man that was civilly married outside of the Catholic church then divorced become a preist?

Assuming he receives a formal Declaration of Nullity for his putative marriage to prove that he is single, he could certainly pursue a vocation to the priesthood.

What he said except…

A diocese/religious community is free to set up any restrictions they wish.

I know of at least one diocese that will not accept with with annullments as candidates for the priesthood.

Do you have any ideas on why that might be?

Just curious whether they might regard a failed marriage as a mark of unfitness of character for the job.

I’ll let Brother David answer your question, since he knows the diocese mentioned, but it may be worth saying that some religious institutes make the same exclusion; and that I have heard of both dioceses and religious institutes that will not accept people for formation if they have made a previous attempt at same in another setting. This isn’t common, however - to my knowledge at least.

The diocese I know of that does this states that they wish to avoid any possible cause of scandal.

I am also aware of at least one diocese that will not accept someone with an annullment as a candidate for the permanent diaconate, even if that individual is currently in a regular, church-recognized stable marriage.

Thankyou, Br David, for answering my question - your answer has cleared up a potential misunderstanding on my part. Thankyou also to the other posters for their information.

Our last Pastor was divorced. He is an excellent Priest.

This is too bad but I can see it from the scandal aspect.

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