Can a female wear a rosary as a necklace?

Hi! (This is my first post in this subforum, and I haven’t been lurking either.)
My girlfriend, (whom I’m recently with again), bought a rosary yesterday on her birthday because she thought it was beautiful. Is it a sin to wear it as a necklace?

You might want to do a search. That question has been asked many times. A search will give you a lot of information, quickly.

But no, it isn’t a sin.

Whether you should or not is up to personal interpretation. :shrug:

I think it is fine. In fact, I have seen rosaries that are sold as necklaces. In addition many are large enough to fit over the head.

Others will tell you exactly the opposite.

It’s not a sin, no. Some religious orders wear it as part of their habit. For instance, the associate pastor at my parish is a monk on loan to us from a Filipino order, and he wears a very, very large rosary that is, I believe, wrapped around his waist and tucked through his belt. I believe it has enough beads for him to say all the sets of mysteries in a single go!

That said, I tend to think it shouldn’t be done casually, that is, merely for the sake of ornamentation. Throwing it around your neck for lack of pocket space or a free hand is probably fine, and I keep one hanging from my rearview mirror, both as a reminder of sacred things and just to have a rosary in the car (e.g., for when I go to daily Mass).

So, long story short, if she can do it without coming to treat the rosary as a bauble or vanity or mere decoration, then I’d say go for it.

If it is to be wear with fashion intuit, do not wear it, otherwise yes, you can wear it.

The rosary is a sacramental, like a crucifix, scapular, holy water, a statue of Our Lady, meant to serve as a reminder of who or what it represents, for example the crucifix reminds us that Christ died for our sins on the cross. The rosary has its own purpose, to be used when praying the Holy Rosary, an ancient and beautiful practice of devotion to Our Blessed Mother.

If your girlfriend doesn’t know how to pray the rosary, you can look it up on google. She may have her rosary blessed by a priest. She shouldn’t wear it around her neck as if it were just another piece of adornment for the body.

Around here, a Rosary worn around the neck is a gang sign. Sad, but very true.

I have an actual rosary necklace, maybe if you really wanted to wear a rosary you could get something like that?
It isn’t a proper rosary in that it doesn’t have all the decades, and the beads, crucifix and medallion are smaller, and it looks like a necklace.
If I want my actual rosary with me (the necklace doesn’t feel like a rosary IYKWIM) I carry it in my pocket.

I have numerous Rosary bracelets. They are elastic, so it’s very easy to slip it off to pray while driving. :thumbsup:

It can be worn around the neck, but to wear it solely for ornamentation purposes is wrong.

My head’s too big for my Rosary to fit. ^^

It’s not a good thing to wear it merely for aesthetics.
I wouldn’t wear a proper Rosary around my neck, but I WOULD wear, say, a necklace with a cross, a Rosary bracelet (I have one), or one of those bracelets with pictures of Jesus, The Virgin Mary, etc. As a statement of my faith.

i think why not mabe God is working mysterious ways, first it’s beautiful mabe she will come to love and mabe she will oftenly pray it. I had a friend who started out just admiring how beautiful the rosary is, then he bought one for his necklace than he started to research it;s origin than he fell in love with it then he was converted to become a devout Catholic… GOD WORKS IN MYESTERIOUS WAYS:thumbsup:

No, it’s not a sin to wear a rosary as a necklace.

And there is no need to distinguish between female and male. If it’s not a sin for one, it won’t be a sin for the other either. :thumbsup:

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