Can a garden be a Sacred Place in the home or do you need one inside too?


Can a garden be a Sacred Place in the home or do you need one inside too? Just curious with Spring just around the corner?


Of course it can. It can really inspire some deep meditation too when you realize that everything you see exists due to God’s providence and matter is unable to exist as matter and the tiniest subatomic particles are basically “uncaused”. Who causes them? :wink: The heavens declare Thy Glory, and the earth shows Your handiwork.

The kiss of sun for pardon,
The song of birds for mirth,
One is closer to God in a garden
than anywhere else on earth


:yup: Beautiful! :thumbsup:

I have a 7-8 potted flowers on my windowsill above the kitchen sink (it’s a pretty big space). I have a crucifix I’m thinking about putting there as well, but may look for a statue of the Risen Jesus to put there. It’s something beautiful to remind me of God’s goodness, especially when the view outside the window is snowy and barren. Also, it’s a place I spend time at daily :rolleyes: so I can’t help but be reminded of the wonder of God’s creation simply by looking in that direction. :slight_smile:


That is great mschrank. My DW loves her gardening and me helping.:rolleyes: Do you have any special flowers or plants for a garden?


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