Can a gay leader, priest, pastor, shepard, etc., see heaven?

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It isn’t a question because the G-word changes meaning every few seconds.

A Gay person ‘could’ see heaven - being gay ISN’T a sin…
…It’s the act of buggery man with man or woman with woman that’s sin.

Oh, and each one of us that are not gay are guilty of “sins” of one form or another…
…Who is to say OUR SIN isn’t equally bad as the buggerite?
…We tend to minimize our own sins - at least I catch myself doing that.

I don’t see the purpose of this poll. From a Catholic pov, there is no need to change one’s sexual orientation, but rather to live chastely.

Ultimately it depends on the person’s heart and the state of one’s soul at the point of death, which is no different than for any other person.

Short answer: “with God, all things are possible!”, so yes.

Longer answer: In this particular instance, the above obviously applies, but it will depend on what you mean by “gay”. I’m sure you know this, but there is a distinction between acting on SSA and just having SSA but not acting on it. Acting on it is grave matter and therefore is possibly a mortal sin; in this case, if the person dies with the mortal sin on his soul, then he might not see Heaven; but if either in his case it wasn’t a mortal sin or if it was but he has truly repented, which only God can know, then certainly the answer to “can a gay so-and-so see Heaven” is “yes”.

  1. the OP is protestant and might be curious about the Catholic Church’s real views (or at least other CAF posters’ views…haha) on this question.

  2. I’d be careful with saying that. You’re absolutely correct there is no need to “change one’s sexual orientation”, as long as one is living chastely, but it is not against “a Catholic POV” for a SSA individual to want to work on minimizing his/her SSA - efforts to do so are just efforts at personal and spiritual growth, to which all people are called.

Absolutely! From a Lutheran perspective as well. We all are tempted with sins - for me it’s overeating and slothfulness - I’d say a person who experiences SSA and remains chaste is much more successful than I with dealing with their temptations.



Luke 9:23 And he said to all: If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.

  • desexualising, at any rate -

They have as good a chance as any other sinner, i.e. human being.

Pope Benedict XVI recommended that those suffering from same sex attraction should never be allowed to enter the Holy Priesthood because it causes them to be put in an occasion of sin.

We must pray for them because they face a culture that supports their disordered desires which if embraced lead to eternal hellfire.

Everyone is called to Chastity regardless if they are homosexual or not

Being gay is not sinful.

Engaging in gay sexual acts is mortally sinful.

A gay person is called to chastity, just like single people and even married people.

Sexuality is more than just who you are attracted to.

Living a chaste celibate life does not diminish one 's femininity or masculinity.

I am not that knowledgeable about these things, but I believe lesbians do not practice buggery - does that mean lesbianism is not a sin?

Wow. 80% say yes so far :(. Gotta be kidding me. Figured it to be the other way. This is how progressivism works. So how many of you that were here 30 years ago would have felt the same? No way were kids allowed to cross dress in schools and now it is common practice and a vast majority here are okay with it? How far we have fallen! In such a short time. GOD forgive us! We say gay is okay? So you all will fly the rainbow flag in front of your church too? And gayness is not one of the 7 deadly sins. You choose it (gay), you lose it (salvation). Even if you claim to be and don’t practice. There is no difference. Is this the position of your respective churches? As I recall, our LORD calls it an abomination. Not my words. Of course we can blame it on the sola scriptura crowd. We need to roll with the changes, right? We need to fit the Bible into today’s world. Good luck with that. It’s the other way around. I’ll pray u pray on it. Even so, come LORD JESUS!

“Any” ‘same sex’ sex act constitutes buggery…
…According to the definition - is indeed buggery…

I selected ‘yes’.

As it’s not SSA but the sexual acts of homosexuality that are sinful, and even if the OP meant the sexual acts of homosexuality, I still would have selected yes, because there is always the possibility of contrition and repentance.

Jesus to St. Faustina -
**“I never reject a contrite heart.” **(Diary, 1485).

There is only one unforgivable sin (against the holy spirit), which is the refusal of God’s mercy/forgiveness (which a practicing homosexual priest/bishop could definitely be in danger of if that’s what you mean).

In regards to practicing homosexual priests/bishops etc, this I believe is clearly wrong as the scriptures they claim to follow are clear on marriage and the sexual acts of homosexuality and I think if this was the poll question, you would have seen much difference in the polls results.

I think the poll was worded incorrectly and hence why you got unexpected answers Even So.

I selected ‘yes’ but I do not endorse same sex marriage or the sexual acts of homosexuality in any way.

I hope this has helped

God Bless You Even So

Thank you for reading

You need to clarify what you meant by the poll. For many people, gay simply means SSA. So do you think having SSA prevents someone from seeing heaven?

I think you need to check your dictionary

A man and woman (in other words two people of opposite sex) can just as easily practice buggery as two men. I am not sure how two women can do it - but perhaps you can explain.

So according to the dictionary, lesbians are not committing any sin.

Exactly. SSA is a temptation, and temptation is NOT a sin. We have the example of Jesus who was tempted.

But regardless, heaven is full of former sinners, saved by God’s grace and mercy. It’s not for us to say who will and will not see heaven. It’s for us to pray for ALL sinners to repent - ourselves included.

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