Can a good act of contrition remove venial sins?

I’m trying to change the way I deal with my venial sins in an effort to overcome my scrupulosity and disordered fear. I was wondering if just saying a good act of contrition and other penitential prayers can remove venial sins?

The penitential rite at Mass also does, as does proper use of Holy Water.


Yes - venial sins can be forgiven (blotted out etc) in many ways!

For example Holy Communion, Contrition and imperfect contrition, devote use of Holy Water, acts of love of God, reading Sacred Scripture, prayer etc etc

St. Augustine (and others) noted that the praying of the Our Father forgives our “daily sins” (venial sins). In the early Church praying the Our Father three times daily was customary (one I observe).

It is of course good then to bring at least some venial sins to confession - for the Sacrament is very important and much happens there.


Thanks, just one more thing,
does this include the Jesus Prayer?


It even is mentioned as a form of contrition in the examples for confession :slight_smile:


The confiteor at mass remits venial sins, as does reception of the Eucharist. Scrupulosity seems more medical/psychological than a spiritual problem.

It can be both.

The age old practice is regular confessor…though yes at times there may be other assistance needed from a counselor compatible with ones Faith.

True enough. My reasoning is that in our anxiety-saturated age, the balance may be tipping toward OCD/Anxiety. I see this daily in a health-related forum. Fear, terror, anxiety - and so often without foundation. The Sacraments are not intended to leave us in doubt. It is often something within us that does that, no?

Yes there can be many such cases.

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