Can a gynaecologist force you against your will?

Can a gynaecologist force you to have a vaginal procedure, book it even when you have told her no multiple times , when your condition require regular stomach surgery?

Ladies only answers please…and no mean answers please, if you need any details ladies please pm me, i seriously need advice, its frightening and worrying me how she wont listen when ive said no

No physician can force you to do anything, no procedures, no drugs, no nothing. You have the right to say no to anything the doc tells you or suggests for you. I am a nurse, and patient rights are a huge thing,.

I’m also a nurse,
my suggestion would be to get a second opinion, from another medical practitioner.
You have the right to refuse any medical procedure.
Perhaps your gynecologist isn’t a good listener, and doesn’t really understand that you’re refusing. Perhaps she feels as if the treatment she recommends is the only wise one. In any case, a second opinion might be helpful.

I’m a little concerned by what you mean “force”? Are you saying that she will “fire” you as a patient (going through all the necessary legal paperwork to no longer provide care for you) if you do not get the procedure done?

If that is the case, I would highly encourage you to find not only another GYN, but also look for a gastroenterologist if you feel your condition requires stomach, not pelvic, surgery or treatment.

No. But do you mean that you have two options: vaginal surgery or abdominal surgery? If so, the doctor probably is encouraging the vaginal surgery because your recovery will be easier. Still, you have the right to refuse. But know the doctor may refuse to perform the surgery abominably, leaving you to find a new physician.

Yes! Ive told her no several times and she booked the procedure anyway, i was told i would need stomach surgery so its distressing that shes doing this

She wont let me have a choice…im seriously thinking of putting in a complaint about her

A vaginal approach for surgery would be mean less “down time” for you to recover. An “abdominal” approach for surgery is much more invasive and requires a much longer recovery time.

All things being equal, the vaginal approach is almost always used and recommended.

The doctor cannot force you to have a particular procedure against your will; but they can refuse to treat you. Then it is up to you to find another physician who would perform the surgery in the manner you are requesting.

I guess part of the question needing to be answered is why you would not want the less invasive approach? That is just a rhetorical question and does not require a response from you. I am just thinking out loud right now.

I am not female, but I do have some knowledge of medical practice and ethics. My advice would echo what I have read here. At least get another opinion. It sounds like you don’t trust this doctor much. You might think about finding another doctor altogether. You have the right to change to another physician.

The only time a doctor should perform a procedure without clear and informed consent from a patient is when that patient is unable to provide that consent. Examples might be an unconscious patient who requires immediate care, or a mentally incompetent patient who has a legal guardian or conservator, or a minor. In the first case, consent is assumed, in the latter two, consent is provided by someone acting on behalf of the patient, and looking out for their welfare and interests.

It was early this morning when I read your post. I see now that it sounds like your GYN wants to do your surgery vaginally instead of abdominally. Sorry I misunderstood and thought you had GI issues while she was insisting it was GYN-related.

I still encourage you to find another GYN and get her/his opinion on what method of the surgery is the best for you.

Im well over a decade beyond the age of consent, i have no issues with other drs, just her, i have no mental health issues

Because she told me by doing it vaginally, solid growths wont be removed or tested…i want it removed incase its cancer

Go for a second opinion, then. If your doctor is refusing to hear your concerns and give you the extent of treatment that would make you feel safe, then you deserve to find a better doctor. I understand your concerns about removing everything even remotely possibly cancer. I would, too. I am saying a prayer that your concerns will be heard and addressed, and that your surgery provides you some relief.

Obviously, a doctor can’t force you to do anything against your will and you can’t force your doctor to do anything against his or her will either. It seems you are at an impasse with this particular GYN. I think you need a second opinion.

I’ll stop commenting in this thread, except to say one more thing, If there is any chance of uterine cancer, then please do not waste any time. It is very important to act quickly, as it can be a very rapidly growing cancer. It is better to play it safe. If this doctor is not the right one for you, then get another opinion. But, please don’t wait.

She “won’t let you have a choice”?
*DO put in a complaint.! *

Talk to whoever gives her orders. If that doesn’t help talk to that person’s superior.
If that doesn’t help get professional legal advice.

“Not letting you have a choice” sounds like a direct violation of medical ethics and your legal rights.

Disclosure: I am not a lawyer, nor do I have any legal training.
But I see nurses in this thread telling you much the same.

Absolutely not. No one can legally force you to have any procedure done that you do not wish to have.

On the reverse side, a practictioner is not required to agree to perform a specific procedure either. If they feel medically that the procedure they recommend is required, or that it be performed in a certain way, they can also elect not to perform the procedure if the patient disagrees.

The patient must then seek out another practictioner.

This! I’ve seen more doctors than my entire immediate family members combined and doctors can and do refuse to do a certain treatment a certain way. I know of someone who asked for her doctor to do a procedure vaginally, but he would not for good reasons. A doctor should always explain why but they cannot be forced to do any procedure they are not comfortable with.

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