Can a Hindu be true to his religion if he seeks healing by attending Father De'Oreo?


Here’s a person who is entrenched in the Yoga and self realization programs including all the Hindu gods, locks himself in his room and has behaved this way for many many years! He tells his family their Christianity is stupid (he was baptized a Catholic), and then recently surprised everyone by attending one of the sessions of the “well known” Father De Oreo’ (not sure if I am spelling Father’s name correctly) The reason he gave was: he wanted to be healed of an arthritic problem he is experiencing.

Now he is back in his room and telling everyone again, they are stupid and therefore it is difficult to explain his Hindu beliefs to them.
Hasn’t he just proved that he doesn’t thoroughly believe in his current Hinduism as his gods couldn’t live up to what he wants, and yet he wants a “healing” from a “Catholic priest” from God ?
I am rather confused here …what do I say to the family members who are asking me why Father De Oreo told him he didn’t need his cane any longer and that he was healed?:shrug:


This is someone who views the Christian God as one of many “gods”, so to him it is not contrary to Hinduism to seek healing from the Christian God. I think knowing Catholic belief, he showed great disrespect towards Catholicism and his family to go to this healing service. As for receiving healing from the priest, it is not the priest who heals people, but G_D working through the priest. Why healing would be extended to him is something we cannot know.



Sounds like an angry person, one who is hurting in more ways than arthritis [no picnic in itself].

Don’t bother judging him, it isn’t your place. Don’t bother arguing, it will only drive him further away.

His attendence at Mass shows an open-ness to Christ that may yeild a rich harvest if it is nourished like a tender plant.


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