Can a lay person read a reflection at Mass?

Can a Lay person read a reflection from “Our Daily Bread” at a weekday Mass instead of the priest giving a homily.
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No, the Mass rubrics do not allow anyone other than ordained clergy to give a homily at Mass nor do the rubrics allow for something else to substitute for the homily.

However canon law does recognize that some rare situations fall outside the norm (canon 766) and permits regional bishop’s conferences to make certain exceptions to the norm.

The USCCB’s complementary norms for canon 766 mention that such rare exceptions include an extreme shortage of clergy or the Mass is in a language the priest is not sufficiently fluent in to preach. However it is up to the local bishop to permit these rare exceptions.

So unless the priest speaks a different language than the Mass or he’s a “circuit priest” traveling hours per day to say several Masses, there’s no reason that a lay person should be regularly doing something to replace the homily. And, even in those situations, since a homily is not required at weekday Mass it can easily be skipped.

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