Can a man become a deacon with a non-catholic wife?


Can a man become a deacon if his wife is not Catholic? She supports the children being raised Catholic but has not converted from Protestantism herself and does not know if she ever will. Should being a deacon even be on his radar in this situation?


I have heard of it happening so the answer to “can” is yes. It would be up to your Bishop whether he would allow it. If not the answr to “may” would be no.


I agree with Cork, it can happen, whether or not the Bishop will allow it is another story.


I’m just going through formation to be a Deacon right now.

My wife had to complete a psych profile and interviews just like me. She is “strongly urged” (read, “can’t make you, but it will be held against you if you don’t”) to attend the weekend programs (once a month). She is also “urged” to say the LOTH with me, and also to get spiritual direction the same as me.

It doesn’t specifically say anywhere that my wife has to be Catholic though. Though 3 years of spiritual direction, formation and LOTH if she wasn’t she would be!


Thank you, triumphguy. I’ll keep it on the radar and see where it leads. Need to see how my bishop would respond, too. What is LOTH? Nice blog, btw.


LOTH - Liturgy of the Hours - especially the morning and evening prayer from the Divine Office.

And thanks:thumbsup:


Of course. I should have known, especially since I’ve been saying some morning and evening LOTH already. I think my brain is conditioned to see LOT as “Lord Of The” as in “Lord Of The Rings.” :smiley:


LOTR - I know! I just read the 3 volumes to my kids.:slight_smile:


Yes, men with a non-catholic wives can, and in face some have, become Catholic deacons. I know one personally in my diocese.


Whether you can become a deacon with a non-catholic wife depends on your diocese. Nine years ago, with my pastor’s encouragement, I sought to become a deacon in the Diocese of San Diego, CA. They did not accept deacon candidates whose wifes were non-catholics (even Episcopalians). Nonetheless, a deacon from NJ moved to our diocese and was assigned to our parish, despite the fact that his wife was not a Catholic. Other dioceses do not exclude deacon candidates whose wifes are not Catholic.

Short answer: check with your diocese.


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