Can a mother become a nun?

I am a mother of two wonderful children who I love beyond reason, their father left me five years ago after ten years together. I am not able to get the feeling that this is not where I belong, since I was six years old I have always felt drawn to God. My faith is so strong at times it makes me cry. I used to have dreams where I was a nun or a misssionary working with the starving children in Africa or that I am living in a convent.These dreams have always brought me peace. I cannot say that being with my kids or my ex ever made me happy, not like prayer and studying the Bible. What should I do? I am torn between my faith and my obligation to my children. Can a mother become a nun?

Perhaps eventually, if you become Catholic; after your children are grown and independent; and (if your husband is still alive at that point) presuming your marriage could be declared null by a Church marriage tribunal. At this point though, your obligations are to your children and to your ex. You owe your children the right to their mother, and you owe your ex chaste fidelity until such time as an annulment is granted. (Civil divorce is merely a form of legal separation. It does not end a valid marriage; it only provides for separate households.)

As hard as it may be to hear this, please keep in mind that your subjective happiness is not the purpose of religion. The purpose of religion is to bind the person to God, through love of God and the practice of virtue. If you seek to practice virtue for love of God, you can attain objective happiness. Objective happiness is the state of goodness, and that is more important than subjective happiness (good feelings).

Live in the present moment, fulfill your obligations to your children and your ex, and perhaps someday God will make it possible to fulfill the dream you have to be a nun. But, if he does not, accept that his plan for you will be ultimately more fulfilling than anything you could ever have imagined. God bless.

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