Can a muslim answer this question for me.. please

I went to a muslim wedding about 2 weeks ago.
When the shiek arrived, i was out the front talking to 2 of the brides friends (we are all christian), anyway, he refused to walk past us cause we were uncovered… BUT, we had all dressed respectfully (no low cut tops, short skirts etc as my friend had requested) but we didnt have the hejab on our heads.
My friend who converted to islam to marry this guy couldnt believe it happened either, she thought that was going to far…
Thanks for your answers

was this wedding at a mosque?. If it was at a mosque then I can see him being offended you were not observing the hijab. Still I think it was lack of manners on his part. He could have easily and politely explained its importance for future reference.

no, it was in a house, not at a mosque…

I can understand if it was at a mosque too, but at a house???

How does he shop??? Buy milk and bread??? A new car???

Yes i know, the first thing i said when i heard why is how does he walk down the street??

I am sorry your friend converted to islam. Use this incident as an opportunity to bring her back to Christ. Now maybe she will see islam for what it is.

IMO, it is likely that you could have misconstrued his actions.

As far as I know, there is no ruling in Islam which forbids a man walking past a woman who is not wearing a hijab.

I’m sorry but that is not a logical or valid statement. It’s just like saying catholicism in reality is a perverted religion because some catholic priests sexually abuse children. The reality is that I don’t judge the catholic faith based on the actions of perverted priests, and likewise its not fair to judge the Muslim faith based on the actions of an Imam. I’ll be the first to say it was rude and i’ll mannered of him to behave the way he did and as an Imam he should know better.


i think padre means that she should use this event as a way to open the door to talking to her friend about her very dangerous decision… we all should definitely be praying for this person, i cant imagine what kind of life she is going to have but it is the next that needs to be protected…

que Dios te bendiga

The actions of the Imam were not uncommon. Islam treats women badly and it is part of their faith. The Catholic Church doesn’t teach that sexual abuse is a good thing. Many women have married muslims and converted only to discover that they had no idea what they were getting into. Ever see the film “Not Without My Daughter”? Islam also permits beating ones wife, so just a bit of rudeness is just the beginning.

hola padre,

i think the most important danger is that they could die in a state of separation from the Church and from Christ… no man is worth that price. sometimes it is hard to tell the people we love things that they need to hear but do not want to… i really encourage the OP to follow padre cestus dei’s advice and your friend find her way back…

Dominus Vobiscum

No, it was not misconstrued, he had said he didnt want to walk past cause we were ‘uncovered’ - these are his words, not mine

And in saying this, i dont think she fully goes with what islam believes in, she says she has converted cause she ‘believes’ but her actions and comments say otherwise.
She converted about a year ago, but still, has to be reminded to pray, she still refers to it as ‘that religion’ and other things tell me she has not fully let go of her catholic faith.
Her now husband is a nice man, but ive seen that change when muslim guys marry…
I just pray he doesnt change and she finds it in her heart to come back to Jesus and the church he created. :gopray:

It is not uncommon for women who marry muslim men to “convert”, but not really. She may well have reservations and only did it for the marriage. Encourage her to revert back to her Catholic faith. God will welcome her with open arms. She can do so quietly. It’s a free country, so she is free to do so.

i think padre cestusdei is correct… i will pray for you and your friend dolphinlove, please tell us how everything goes… this is so distressing

Dominus Vobiscum

Hi dolphinlove, can you tell us a little more about your friend. Did she convert to Islam because she believed in it or to marry the guy?.. Is he a practicing muslim or not? sorry if I’m being nosy, I’m just curious.

I don’t think its a good idea to convert to any religion because of a man / woman. If people convert its a good idea to do it based on their convictions and beliefs.

she now believes in islam, and converted cause it is now what she believes (but as i stated in another posting here, i have my doubts as to how much she actually believes)

your hosts should have explained the customs and etiquette, and showing deference for their other, Muslim guests, since it is after all a Muslim event in a Muslim home, and you were outsiders. It is the host who breached etiquette if the gentleman was offended, not you.

Will definitely pray for your friend. Christian girls “converting” and marrying Muslims was a fad for a while while I was in grad school and our community had an influx of Muslims students–from Iraq actually, and from Egypt. Every one with whom I am still in contact it has rued it bitterly, most of the marriages have ended. Either the man already had a wife in the old country, or the woman was treated so badly American courts readily granted divorce, but the child custody battles are the most bitter I have ever seen.

that is so sad…

i wish there were more outreach for guidance about marriage. i think many young people do not know how to go about this in a safe and proper way and one mistake can last for a life time…

Dios te bendiga

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