Can a name affect your future or what you become


There is this new thing I have come to about learn in Uganda, (I say new because it is recent to me) it has been going around for some time now, they say that the kind of name you give your child decides/ depicts what kind of person they become in future or what kind of future they will have. For instance if you gave your child the name Mercy, Fortunate e.t.c… This goes for both Christian and surname.
I happen to come from a part of the country that was ravaged with civil war for over 20years, and so people tend to give their children names depending on the circumstances under which they were born and for sure most of the names (surnames) aren’t pleasant. But also I would like to give an example of the man who lead that war, a man that killed his own people, cut off their lips and ears, and did all sorts of terrible thing you can imagine; the man goes by the name Joseph Kony, Joseph of all names, and for your information Kony means “help”. But look what he did. So, this name thing…. There is this patient who attends our clinic, her name translates to poverty(literally), she is a known epileptic and for various reasons keeps getting these recurrent attacks. My colleague doctor thinks she is going through all this because of her name.
Today even priest talk about the kind of names given to children, but what does the Catholic Church say about this?


Sounds like superstition.

I can see where a name can give people a certain impression about a person (age, ethnicity, etc.) names do not have any sort of magical power over our lives.


If you name your kid some really weird name like Stalin, Donald Duck or Lululemon, then it’s likely the kid will Become very annoyed at you when it gets old enough to realize what you did. Like the old Johnny Cash song about the Boy Named Sue.

Other than that, this name stuff is superstition. Kony and Stalin were both named after the foster father of Jesus Christ, obviously they did not live up to their namesake.


Actually there have been several studies that show that names can actually have some impact on what the person becomes. Both due to external reactions to the name and due to the name’s image ability to have a subtle directing effect on the person.


…My full name means “Pure Grace in the Field.”


Thank you!
l also don’t believe in that name=destiny thing.However, my colleague talks about it with all the confidence, it is for sure hard to just tell him SUPERSTITION, and leave it at that.


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