Can a non ordained person serve as translator for the mass?

I was recently in a Spanish speaking country and a priest asked me to translate the mass for the English speaking people (majority of the people present). I felt a little uncomfortable but he was OK with me translating only the Gospel and the Sermon. Luckily an old Canadian lady had the monthly readings in English which I used to translate the Gospel.
Is it OK for me to read the Gospel since I am not ordained? Is it OK for me to translate the sermon of the mass? Would it be OK for me to translate the rest of it?
Thank you.

Yes, it is ok for a non ordained person to be a translator at Mass. The translator is not proclaiming the Gospel or the homily, the priest or deacon is. The translator is simply repeating his words. It is no different than when someone does sign language during the Mass for the hearing impaired.

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