Can a nun break her promise? (part 2)

To those who has not read part 1, here’s the link.

The son, who is the defense lawyer, came to visit the defendant (his mother) few minutes right after she finished revealing all her secrets to the nun. The son was happy to see the nun there for he has not forgotten how the nun took care of him. “My son, I would like to speak to you privately. Let’s go to the garden downstairs.” said the nun. They went to the garden and the nun, with a heavy heart, said, “Lord, please forgive me for I am about to sin by revealing the truth to him. I know I have broken my vow to You, O Lord, to not reveal his mother’s secrets. Therefore, Lord, I am ready to receive my punishments!” She finally told the lawyer that the defendant is his real mother and all the crime she did is to coverup her relationship with him. The son was shocked and dumbfounded. He started crying and ran to the room upstairs to his mother. “Mom!!”, he cried and he hugged her. His mother cried too out of pure love and happiness but at the same time is a little ashamed to face his son for being a prostitute. Few weeks later, the case was handed over to the court. The son, who is the defense lawyer, was very motivated to save his mother and clear her name. When he almost win the case, the prosecutor discovered the secret maternal relationship between the mother and the son. He threatened to win this case by exposing their relationship to the jury. Sources had informed him that the nun knows about their relationship. Therefore he summoned the nun to the witness stand. The nun walked to the stand and laid her hand on the bible. She made a vow to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Next, the prosecutor asked her, “Is there any maternal relationship between the defense lawyer and the defendant?” Should the nun break her vow or promise to God so that the innocent son and mother can finally be free? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This looks like a screencap of an episode of Dallas or the like…are you going off the plot of a 1980’s sitcom? Really? The shadows on the floor make it clear that his is a TV Set.

This is obviously before DNA.

The nun was in the wrong the whole time. Her “vow” was nothing more than an idle promise that meant to serve her own means. The nun is required by law and by morality to answer yes. Where are her superiors in all of this? I know of no order that would just let a nun wander about in court alone, even cloistered ones.

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If she said yes, then the son cannot save the mother who is innocent.

The nun is required to tell the truth. Her “vow” is a farce and an offense to her state of life and true vows. It is a promise that should have never been made, period. The rest of her counduct is also terrible and un-Catholic.


There is a difference between a promise and a vow. A family lawyer can represent another family member. It seldom happens. The lawyer would act as the defense, not the prosecutor. The "nun’ already knew the mother’s secrets. There is also a difference between a nun and a sister. A nun is a cloistered religious, but a sister is not cloistered. How do you ‘threaten’ to win a case? What are the sources? Keep writing. Get to know the Church better.

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