Can a person be under a curse?

Is it possible for a person to really be under a curse?

I won’t go into much detail. but in the last 8 months:

  • I lost my job and haven’t been able to find a new one (I have sought help from friends, recruitment agencies, and even my parish priest.) Things that worked previously, don’t seem to be working now.
  • My previous employer owes me quite a lot of money. All avenues I have tried to make him pay me my money have failed.
  • I have had to move back in with my parents because of finances, after several years of successfully being able to survive on my own.
  • I feel worthless that nothing is working and days just seem to pass endlessly past.

If I am under a curse, how can I make it stop and get out from under the curse?

Thank you

Curses, black magic, the occult, etc. have no power. To say otherwise is to deny the power of God. How could anything be stronger than the power of God? If we live our spiritual lives and receive the sacraments what can any evil spirit really do to us? It is demons who fear Jesus Christ (Luke 4:34), not the other way around. To act as if evil can in any way have more power in our lives than Jesus Christ is to deny all that we believe and celebrate in the Easter Season. Evil tortured and killed the Son of God made flesh, and He triumphed over them in the Resurrection. Through baptism we too share in His death, resurrection and triumph (1John 4:4). Even when surrounded in the valley of death, we need fear no evil (Psalm 23).

My presumption is that you are not under a curse. You are simply experiencing a terrible string of unfortunate circumstances. All of us have a tendency to focus so much on ourselves that we think everything that is happening to us is either the best or worst thing that can happen. My advice is that when we face bad circumstances to get outside of ourselves and volunteer some time helping others. We can then see that either our problems aren’t as bad as we thought or that there’s many people in the same boat that we are.

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