Can a person still be a Saint if


…they have a convalidated marriage? Are there any Saints who had their marriage convalidated?


That’s like asking ‘can a person still be a saint if they converted to Catholicism in later life rather than being born Catholics’.

The answer is of course they can - what matters is the state of your soul (and your marriage) at your death. Not the fact that you may have been in an irregular marriage in earlier life - or indeed that you may have commited every possible sin under the sun in earlier life! Some of the saints were notorious sinners, including Paul himself, and Augustine.

Offhand I can’t name any, but my guess is that there possibly are married converts among the Saints (especially the earlier ones) who might’ve had to go through the process of convalidation.


of course in fact that could be their path to sainthood because it removes an obstacle that is a barrier to full communion with the Church and life in Christ through His sanctifying grace. one of the most rewarding aspects of my job is the fact that what starts as religious education and sacramental preparation for children so often means that as the parents are drawn into the process as we aid them in preparing their own children, they themselves learn more, are moved by the Holy Spirit to address these situations in their own lives. The end result is entire families basking in the grace of several sacraments as marriages are restored, adults complete their Christian initiation and return to confession. De facto, the children evangelize the parents. as one little boy said, “Yay, God!”


Thank you both so much for your answers. This was something I had been wondering about. Glad to know. Thanks :)!


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