Can a priest co-officiate a wedding with a rabbi?

Hopefully a quick question:

When performing a wedding, can a priest co-officiate with a rabbi?

I was under the impression that this was not possible. If a Dispensation from Canonical Form is granted, a priest will attend the wedding, and even can give a blessing at the end, but the priest cannot officiate any part of the ceremony with the rabbi.

Is my impression correct, and if so, do anyone have a reference for proof?

I’m asking because recently I’ve seen a lot of posts on another message board where brides are giving the advice to “contact a rabbi and they can give you the name of a priest that has co-officiated with them in the past”. I assume those are “catholic” priests but not Catholic priests (in fact, one even indicated that her co-officiant is a “Catholic woman priest” :bigyikes:). Since these people are telling the brides that they’re “Catholic priests” that are properly ordained to conduct weddings, the brides are going with it and assuming the marriage is valid (despite what I’m telling them that they need to check). If I have a reference that co-officiating is not allowed, they might be more inclined to listen to me. Or, maybe I’m wrong and unnecessarily arising suspicion.


Only one can perform the marriage rite and witness the exchange of consent. With a dispensation from form a priest need not even be there.

Can. 1127 §1. The prescripts of can. 1108 are to be observed for the form to be used in a mixed marriage(…)

§2. If grave diffculties hinder the observance of canonical form, the local ordinary of the Catholic party has the right of dispensing from the form in individual cases, after having consulted the ordinary of the place in which the marriage is celebrated and with some public form of celebration for validity. It is for the conference of bishops to establish norms by which the aforementioned dispensation is to be granted in a uniform manner.
§3. It is forbidden to have another religious celebration of the same marriage to give or renew matrimonial consent before or after the canonical celebration according to the norm of §1. Likewise, there is not to be a religious celebration in which the Catholic who is assisting and a non-Catholic minister together, using their own rites, ask for the consent of the parties.

I attended a marriage between a Jew and a Catholic once. It was a Catholic wedding mass followed by the Jewish ceremony. The rabbi did not participate in the mass

You mean they had two religious wedding ceremonies back to back? That violates article 3 of canon 1127.

Didn’t know that. I found it to be common for mixed faith marriages to go to two ceremonies. But the Canon you can’t have 2 religious ceremonies. What if the second one was more like renewal of vows? Even though it was just hours or days since you got married.

Could be-I all can tell you is whatI saw.

It specifically says to give or renew consent. You either have a Catholic ceremony or you have a non-Catholic ceremony but you can’t have one of each. At most ceremonies where you had both a priest & a non-Catholic minister the marriage rite was done according to the rite of the minister in whose church the wedding was being celebrated and the other clergy (priest or deacon or minister) either did a reading or gave a blessing. There was no mixing and matching.

I’ve never been to one actually, but there are many people who I know did plan for this. If I was invited, I would go to both banquets though :smiley:

Gluttony and deadly something or other come to mind.:smiley:

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