Can a priest give a perpetual penance?

Two years ago I was given a penance to “take some time everyday and do XYZ”. The priest did not specify how much time per day or how many days/weeks/months/years I was to do this. Two years later, am I still obligated? I worry that I’m neglecting my penance and sinning if I don’t do XYZ on any given day, and it has become a burden on my mind. We have since moved across the country, and I have not asked a different priest to release me from the penance. Thank you.

A “perpetual penance” seems to be counterproductive to the concept of satisfaction. A perpetual task can never be completed. Thus how can one make satisfaction for one’s sins if the penance can never be completed?

I would recommend simply speaking to another priest in the confessional and explaining your situation. He will either commute your penance as already finished or assign something that you can complete.

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