Can a priest give a talk or teaching while the Eucharist is exposed?

Hello, I was wondering if the are guidelines for when the Eucharist is exposed regarding giving teachings and lectures by a priest. The Eucharist is exposed on the altar while the mission priest is giving his mission teaching. Adoration, benediction is done also. I was not aware if this was common. Is there a section in the Girm that would reference this or in another official Church document. I can’t seem to locate any references.
Thank you


I am not aware of any prohibition regarding a priest preaching during exposition. Certainly, the atmosphere during exposition should be in keeping with a desire to honor and reverence the Blessed Sacrament at such a time.

I preached a retreat to a community of cloistered Dominican contemplative nuns while the Blessed Sacrament was exposed. I was standing between the rows of Choir stalls and faced the monstrance as I spoke. I began each conference on my knees as I led the community in the prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas, “O Sacred Banquet,” a Dominican custom. The focus of each conference was on the Lord.

I would not have given a lecture or a class on topics not directly related to the Lord at such a time. It would be an affront to the Lord to ignore His Eucharistic presence.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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