Can a priest pass the reading of the homily to anyone attending the mass?


We have observed that one priest has always been assigning the homily to a lay man or anyone in the mass because of two reasons: he does not speak clear english or his throat is not in good condition. The priest prepared the homily and he gives blessing to the one who will read the homily.

Is this allowed by the Church?

Thanks and God bless.

The Church states that a homily at Mass is to be given by a deacon, priest or bishop. A lay person may preach outside of Mass but may not give a homily during Mass.

In my personal opinion, if its a one time situation where the priest has difficulty speaking due to a health issue then its understandable that he may write a homily and have it read by a layperson. However to do so on a regular basis would fly in the face of the clear directives given by the GIRM.

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