Can a Priest show physical affection to comfort a parishioner?


Yeah because we do give each other a hug when we see each other because we’re friends. But I think I was just being cautious


This is the best advice. It is best for both you and the priest


Yes for you and what you’ve stated here go ONLY behind the screen.


I was just concerned, I know Priests are just like you and me that’s why I wanted to check it was ok. However I have had another Priest tell three of my friends that he was attracted to them and interested in pursuing something with them.

Sometimes I think people fail to be empathetic to both parties, I was just wanting to clarify that this was ok.
I definitely won’t be posting a question here again.
For a catholic forum there is a lot let empathy than I expected.


It’d be really helpful to have another Priest give you objective advice on the matter. I strongly suspect that as with counsellors and therapists, physical comforting would be a no no in that environment. It is an environment of vulnerability for both parties and the strict rules reflect the risk of such a dynamic.


I’m sorry for what you’ve been through. Perhaps you can inform the priest of your aversion to physical touch? I doubt he’s likely to touch you again if you do.


We just know some very AMAZING and awesome Priests who would do this in a perfectly harmless innocent way and we wouldn’t see it as anything odd. Some Priests are getting such a bad association today because of a few who aren’t very good or aren’t doing good things. We don’t want to see that this situation with you becomes more than it is.


Welcome to CAf @psalm_130 :slight_smile: it’s lovely to have you here . I think your priest was just trying to show that he cares. I’ve had two priests in the last year hug me - one at confirmation and one when my mother passed away. They are just fellow Christians with a special mission. You were upset so there was all sorts going on for you emotionally. I am not sure if you are a new convert like me or a cradle catholic - if new convert be ready for the fact that catholics tend to me quite tactile in my experience ! I’m still getting used to it but it’s all good


And please stick around there is a lot of good here xxx


This priest needs to be reported, if you haven’t already.

I am sorry that some priests act badly and cause people to be suspicious of all priests including the ones who are acting properly.


This sounds like a good idea.


Hey bear :slight_smile: just wanna say I appreciate your wisdom and kindness on here


Yes those kinds of situations definitely need to be reported.


Please give the credit to God and his Holy Spirit, not to me. I have had to count ten a number of times today (not on this thread).


Yes, the reported him to his superior


Always, but just know you are appreciated, you are our friend here and it’s ok to accept a compliment :wink:


That’s why I’m asking to ensure it doesn’t become more than it is.


Exactly, and that’s what I’m used to, im just used to getting into these emotionally vulnerable situations with my therapist and assumed that it’s a similar deal with the confessional


You are meeting with God in the confessional. He’s working through the priest in ways you can’t see. The priest isn’t judging you or meeting you for therapy he’s ministering to you. Every time you go to confession God is there xx


why doubt his motive? seems to me he was just trying to comfort you, nothing wrong.

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