Can a priest talk to the demon in exorcisms?

Is he allowed?

I was listening to an audio recording of the exorcism of Annilese Michel (story on which Emily Rose was based) and (assuming she was possessed, the Church says she was not) the priest was talking to the demon. I thought that was not ok.
What are the “rules” regarding how the priest is to interact with the spirit?

You might want to catch a replay of the World Over with Raymond Arroyo. Tonight he interviewed an exorcist. The priest told him that he does not have a conversation with the demon he is exorcising. The onlly thing he does is command him to leave the person afflicted. In fact, if you tune into the EWTN, you will be able to catch him. He is the last one on the program.

Ya. I really don’t know about could, but from what I’ve heard, they’re not supposed to.

I’ve heard that they have a prayer that can bind a demon so it’s forced to tell the truth, and then they sometimes question it. Though I could be wrong.

Priests don’t talk to demons because that’s not a part of exorcism.

Yep, they can tell the demon to get the hell out there :wink:

The Head Exorcist of Rome (Amorth I think his name is?) said in an interview he makes the demon tell him it’s name before he banishes it. I wonder what the purpose of that is?
I guess if he does that then the demon will feel like he “knows” him or has been introduced and the demon will know it’s him in future exorcisms if they encounter eachother again and will leave easier and just give up.
Just a guess.

I thought that was interesting when I read that.

I think knowing a being’s name gives on control over it. That is why God had Adam name the animals; it signified his custody of them. On the other hand God, or the angel, would not give his name to Jacob when they wrestled; lest he use it to control.

I heard the same.

Actually, I think I remember that he said the exorcist always asks the name of the demon, because that’s what Christ asked for when He exorcised the devils.

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