Can a pro-abortion person be an EMHC?

A person who openly supports pro-abortion candidates is an extraordinary minister of holy Communion at Mass. I don’t feel like taking Communion from this person. Should this person be an EMHC?

If this person supports political candidates because of those candidates’ support for abortion, then no, that person should not be an EMHC. Keep in mind though that it is possible that this person’s support for certain political candidates is independent of those candidates’ position on abortion. If so, then that person is within his or her rights to support the candidate he or she thinks is best suited for the office in question, assuming he or she has proportionate reasons to vote for someone who supports a grave evil such as abortion. (For more on this, please see then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger’s letter Worthiness to Receive Holy Communion, released while he was prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.)

As for whether or not you receive Communion from this person, that is up to you, but I can only recommend that you not base your decision of who to receive Communion from on the personal holiness of the minister. That is a form of Donatism. St. Francis of Assisi once was asked what he would do if he knew the priest celebrating Mass had concubines. St. Francis is said to have responded that when the time came for Communion that he would go to receive the Eucharist from the priest. His point was that the personal holiness of the minister does not effect the efficacy of the sacrament.

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