Can a Protesant divorcee marry in the Catholic Church?


My friend who is protestant, is divorced. She is considering marrying her current boyfriend who is a catholic. He would like to have a catholic wedding. Is this possible to do when my friend is divorced and not a catholic? (For the record, she was not married in a catholic wedding during her first marriage).


Your friend will need to have her first marriage looked at for validity/nullity before she can marry in the Catholic Church. Civil divorce does not end a valid marriage so if it is determined that her marriage was valid when contracted, then it is still valid and she is not free to marry at all. If it is determined that her marriage was not valid (null) when contracted then she should be free to marry. In such case her Catholic boyfriend will need to obtain a dispensation to marry her, a non-Catholic, and then they can have a Catholic wedding.

Catholics take Jesus’ teaching very seriously: “What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder” (Mt 19:6). For more on this see: The Permanence of Matrimony

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