Can a Protestant Minister participate in a Catholic Wedding?


“I want to know how much a role a Protestant Minister can participate in a catholic wedding?”

I have read a couple posts on this topic and I think the answer comes down to: depends on your Presiding Priest/church family and how they do things in their Parrish.

I was most close with my late grandfather, once he passed away I began to look up to his brother, my great uncle. I would LOVE if my great Uncle Jim (The Reverend Doctor…) could ‘marry us’. However, I know being that being within the catholic faith, a priest must ultimate bless the marriage. Does this mean, the priest must, at minimal, head the vows? Could my Uncle do the sermon?

Thank you!

The following link should help answer your question about a Protestant minister participating in a Catholic wedding. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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