Can a RCIA candidate receive communion?

Hi my coworker goes to mass every Sunday with her boyfriend. She is Catholic and he is protestant. He is thinking about RCIA. In the mean time they go to Mass every Sunday. At Communion time he goes up and receives the Holy Eucharist. I told her he’s not Catholic and it is wrong. He told her no where in the bible does it say he can’t receive. I told her about what St. paul says about receiving unworthy. Can you help me. I need more information. Ive talked to 2 priest on the matter one said don’t receive and another says its ok. Help me. Thanks so much

U.S. National Statutes for the Catechumenate:

  1. The reception of candidates into the communion of the Catholic Church should ordinarily take place at the Sunday Eucharist of the parish community, in such a way that it is understood that they are indeed Christian believers who have already shared in the sacramental life of the Church and are now welcomed into the Catholic eucharistic community upon their profession of faith and confirmation, if they have not been confirmed, ***before ***receiving the eucharist.
  1. …The confirmation of such candidates for reception should not be deferred, nor should they be admitted to the eucharist until they are confirmed.

Because the Eucharist is the supreme sign of unity (Catechism, 1398), a person should not receive communion in the Church prior to reception into full communion with the Church. The normal practice is for such candidates to undergo education in the faith, then go to confession, and then receive confirmation and communion.

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