Can a Roman Catholic use a Eastern Christian Prayer rope?

I was just wondering if as a Roman Catholic, am i able to use a Prayer Rope used by Eastern Christians? I was alos wondering if it was okay if i were to compose my own prayers to recite on the beads instead of the more traditional forms (like the Jesus prayer etc.). Thank you!

Of course! There is nothing wrong about the Jesus prayer. Eastern Catholics use it. I use it as a Roman Catholic. Wonderful practice!,r:0,s:0,i:79

Pope francis does lol

An old priest once gave me some of the best advice when it came to personal spirituality: “Pray how you pray, don’t pray how you don’t pray.” In other words: if using the prayer rope is spiritually fruitful for you: go for it!

Thanks everyone for your replies! It would alos be acceptable for me to adhere to a easten catholic prayer rule even as a roman catholic right? I am just making sure i can still go to regular mass and be roman catholic while using eastern catholic prayers and traditions. Thanks again for any help!

Of course you can, that`s what being in communion with Rome means, you may go to mass/liturgy in any of the Rites of the Universal Church,receive the Eucharist and fulfill your Sunday obligation.:wink:

Certainly! :thumbsup: The prayer rope with the Jesus Prayer is Catholic devotion (of the Eastern variety). Just as we Eastern Catholic may pray the Western Catholic Rosary, you Western Catholics may pray using Eastern Catholic devotions. :slight_smile:

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