Can a scapular be made at home?


Hi :slight_smile:

for the longest time, I’ve wanted to get a brown scapular. The Catholic bookstore in my area has them, but they’re not real wool, and I want a wool one. I tried looking at some online stores, but I don’t have a credit card so that makes it basically impossible to order anything.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to just make a brown scapular? I can sew and do some embroidery… I’d much rather have one made by nuns or something but seems I’m out of luck there. Anyways… is this allowed? If so…where could I get some wool. lol.


I looked at then sent them a check (I’m sure a m.o. would be fine, too) and what I wanted, to the address shown on the website. They’ve changed the website a little and the address isn’t as obvious so call them at the 800#. The scapulars are beautiful!


I would imagine making a scapular would be fine, but I don’t know of the specifications. You could try calling a Carmelite convent, I’d guess.


thanks :slight_smile: is it still alright if I live in Canada though? a lot of these websites are from the US…


yea I’d much rather order one just to be sure it’s been made correctly… lol


I cannot guarantee that this is the case where you live, but here in the UK small wool scapulars are often obtainable by request from Carmelite nuns and friars, sometimes at a small cost and sometimes for an optional donation dependent on your means. Is there a Carmelite house anywhere near to you?


I’d call the 800# and ask them if they deliver in Canada - if not, they may very well know of someone who does (or where you could call to see about one). Even if they don’t know, you can “Google” Carmelite orders in Canada and they would be able to help you (like Ocarm said), one way or the other.

Wearing her scapular has made me feel so much better and more at peace. I’m so glad you’re getting one.;):gopray2:


I recall seeing scapular making kits around.

You can do so. :slight_smile: It’s nice to get them from nuns too though.


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