Can a sin be made worst?

well, i have problems with the human respect sin, so if i dont do anything to overcome it, and due to it I comit another sin just venially or even due to not being able to respond it is not a sin. of course that due to not doing anything to solve it makes the sin of HR more grave, but the other? does it also increases its culpability on this one or this one is judged as is.

just as a note, no I’m not looking for ways to avoid my responsibility, just to dont worry about other stuff.

I think everybody had trouble understanding your question. Can you rephrase it?

The best course of action for resolving worries and scruples about sin is to seek a regular confessor and work with him to guide your spiritual life.

We bring our personalities to our spiritual life and a regular confessor is a great aid to distinguishing temptation from scruples and spiritual problems from excessive worry.



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