Can a twice divorced person marry in the Church?

I am interested in marrying a woman. She was raised Catholic.
She was married by a Justice of the Peace. Later she obtained a divorce.
She later married in the Catholic Church. She obtained a divorce and later an annulment.
I was married and divorced. I obtained an annulment.
May we get married in the Catholic Church?
Thank you.
Tony Bescher

If she was baptized as a Catholic and was civilly married by a Justice of the Peace then the marriage is not considered valid by the Church and she is free to marry. Her marriage in the Church required an annulment which you say was granted, thus she is free to marry.
You were married in the Church but later received an annulment, thus you are free to marry. The two of you may be married in the Church, *however *there may be a caveat. When issuing a decree of nullity tribunals sometimes place stipulations on a future marriage and those have to be fulfilled before the Church will usually marry someone. Examples of such stipulations would be if alcohol abuse was a prime reason for the invalid marriage the tribunal might require the individual to receive some kind of alcohol counseling before being allowed to marry in the Church.
If there was a stipulation placed on either party after the annulment process then that would have to be fulfilled before the marriage can take place. If there were no stipulations placed on either party then you are both free to marry in the Church.

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