Can a validly baptized protestant but not yet confirmed Christian commit apostasy? If a protestant commits apostasy, can they be confirmed without confessing apostasy?

Do you have to be confirmed to commit apostasy? What if a guy is (validly) baptized by a protestant minister, leaves the faith, then converts to Catholicism and is then confirmed, is the confirmation not valid because of the excommunication (was he even excommunicated, seeing as he wasn’t Catholic then when he left the faith??) from committing apostasy? I’m really confused.

I hope this makes sense…

Excommunication is only for Catholics. A protestant cannot be excommunicated. A protestant cannot commit apostasy against the Catholic faith, although is an apostate against Christianity in general. This is a different issue, but would have been covered in preparation for the rite of confirmation.

There is no reason to doubt the validity of confirmation based on what you have described.

But if a protestant baptism is accepted as valid then they’re just as Catholic as a Roman Catholic kid who hasn’t been confirmed yet. So yes a protestant wouldn’t be committing apostasy against the Roman Catholic faith, but against the truth that is in their protestant faith.

Is it even possible for a confirmation to be invalid? For any reason??

Protestant baptism is recognised as valid, but they are not considered members of the Catholic Church in the same way as baptised Catholics. They are not subject to the precepts of the Church in the same manner (including potential punishment by excommunication).

I’m sure there are reasons. This is beyond my knowledge now, but I’m sure someone can chime in. It may be easier if you had a clear question though; other than what you already mentioned, do you have concerns?

Nope. This is a nearly constant problem for me. Often times, one way or another I start thinking my confirmation wasn’t valid lol. Things like “am I Catholic?”, “am I going to hell because that wasn’t even valid?”, “I’m not saintly enough for this faith” or some thought of this kind crosses my mind. It’s odd because I’m not a scrupulous person, but somehow my acceptance of my own confirmation gets undermined. :shrug: God help me…

Just a suggestion: I think you should go to a rectory near to you and make an appointment to see a priest. When the Parish Secretary asks you what it is about, just tell her it is a personal matter. When you get to the appointment with the priest, bring your written question, exactly as you put it on this site. You will get a much better answer from the priest than you will get from any internet site, no matter how sincere your respondants are. After all, we are only lay peoples, and are not experts at dealing with anyones soul other than our own.
G*d Bless and keep you!


this is not correct. The Church does not teach that baptized non-Catholics are subject to the Catholic Church’s ecclesial laws. Excommunication is a canonical penalty. Canonical penalties only apply to Catholics.

A confirmation would be invalid if it were performed by someone who was not a validly ordained bishop, or a priest who did not have faculties to confirm, or failed to use the proper form.

Validity does not depend upon the disposition of the recipient.

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