Can all Catholic children receive Confirmation & Eucharist as infants?

I heard that in the Roman rite a baby CAN recieve all their sacraments as an infant if the parents choose to do so.
However, if they are only baptised as an infant then they have to wait untill they are older to recieve comunion. Is there a certain age or is it just the parent’s & pastor’s decision?
Can anyone lead me in a good direction to check this out?

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This is the Eastern Catholicism section. Are you asking about a child with parents who are members of Latin (Roman Catholic) Church, not an Eastern Catholic child? That seems to be your question.

A question about the sacraments for those Catholics baptized in the Latin (Roman Catholic) Church would probably be posted in the “Liturgy and Sacraments” section of CAF.

I would prefer that they receive Holy Communion when they are of the age of reason.

In cases of necessity in the Latin Rite, children may be given confirmation and communion.

if you are latin rite in an eastern church, if you are visiting, then no. But if you are living the spirituality of the eastern rite you go to, the priest and or bishop may admit your children to communion if they have been chrismated. My son have been receiving communion since Easter after we got permission from our Bishop.

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