Can an absolution be invalid?

I remember, once I confessed my sins to a priest (I never went to him again! :D) and later while he was conversing with me he told me that masturbation was not a sin! :eek:

I didn’t know what to say to him! I just kept quiet and turned a deaf ear to the nonsense he was talking.

The only question I have is, was that absolution valid? I confessed the sin of masturbation to him, but he didn’t think it was a sin! Was I forgiven then? Or was it an invalid absolution?

If he used the proper formula then it was a valid absolution. Just like a Mass with all kinds of liturgical abuses, if the proper consecration formula is used, it is a valid (although illicit) Mass.

Also, you need to remember that God was in the confessional with you. He heard your confession and saw your heart and absolved you of your sins because it was your sincere intention to make a good confession.

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