Can an adult living with his parents still be considered "emancipated"?

About one-third of Americans aged 18-34 are living with their parents these days. Can they still be considered “emancipated” in the eyes of the Catholic Church? A big reason why I ask is because of Paragraph 2217 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Code of Canon Law:

Can. 97 §1. A person who has completed the eighteenth year of age has reached majority; below this age, a person is a minor.

Can. 98 §1. A person who has reached majority has the full exercise of his or her rights.

§2. A minor, in the exercise of his or her rights, remains subject to the authority of parents or guardians…

Yes, once someone becomes an adult (age 18) they are not under strict obedience to their parents, even if they happen to live with them. Obviously respect is always owed to one’s parents and whoever owns the home has the right to make their own rules to a reasonable extent but that is not drawn from the obligation of parental obedience.

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