Can an agnostic repent

is it possible for an agnostic to repent? I used to believe in jesus and i used to talk to him a lot, but i fear my heart is hardened and i dont want to go to hell. Please can someone help me. i fear i fall under 6:4-6

Anyone can repent. But if you’re questioning whether God exists, then who are you asking for forgiveness? Are you sure you’re an agnostic and not someone who is just a little uncertain about his faith? Because you talk more like a believer who is going through a crisis of faith.

If you are worried about going to hell, presumably you believe, or at least suspect that Christianity is true after all?

If you want to believe, that’s a sign your heart isn’t hardened.

The Church does not interpret Heb. 6 as saying that any Christian who falls away can’t repent. It could mean several things: one is that you can’t be baptized all over again but must do penance (and possibly go through Purgatory). Another is that if a person falls away with full knowledge and consent, turning their back on what they fully know to be true, then they can’t repent. But since you seem to want to come back, this isn’t relevant to you.

Also, I don’t think being an agnostic, if you are/were a sincere one, is the kind of thing being spoken of there anyway. It may have been part of your journey to a fuller grasp of the truth.


The beautiful thing about our God is that we can repent at any time and start fresh, ideally by going to Confession and Communion. Jesus Christ forgave serious sinners, and He is ready to forgive you. Don’t worry. The one putting doubts and fear in your mind is you-know-who.

As for repenting for fear of going to Hell, that’s a good start and there is nothing alarming or hypocritical about it; but you should then strive, through reading the Bible and good books (Scott Hahn, Patrick Madrid) to draw closer to God and develop once again an intimate relationship. He’s calling you. He loves you.

Anyone can repent. Some once said that “the soul of one person is more valuable all the wealth in the world”.

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