Can an american inquisition help with current crisis in the church?


Do you think an inquisition can help get rid of evils in the church.


Define “inquisition.”





Are you suggesting that there’s nothing wrong with the Church that wooden stakes and lots of fire can’t cure? :crazy_face:


Are you a troll?


What good would that do? I’ve said it before, many if not most of the priests who did this, and a good many of their bishops ARE ALREADY DEAD or old and infirm. What are you going to accomplish by bringing an 90 year old man who doesn’t even really remember anything that happened yesterday, much less 40 years ago, and publicly “behead” him. Today’s news is about problems that occurred years ago.




I already pulled a Monty Python in another thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably not that practical.

I can’t see the local officials giving the Church a permit to have an auto da fe in a publicly owned stadium, at least in America.


I’d like to know what the OP thinks an Inquisition is or what it does. Most of the Inquisitions throughout history were just church-sanctioned courts. The United States already has canonical tribunals. I’m not sure what the OP means by Inquisition, much less what he hopes they would accomplish. Perhaps he could enlighten us?



Yeah, I’m guessing the term “inquisition” is being used here as a substitute for “witch hunt.”

I hope I’m wrong.


I smell Salem Witch Trials again, maybe?


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