Can an illegitimate son be an SSPX priest?

Does anyone know if the SSPX follows the old prohibition that an illegitimate son cannot be a priest?

Wow, I didn’t even know there was such a prohibition ever. When was it in effect? Haven’t there been popes who were the sons of earlier popes before?

It’s always been possible to ordain an illegitimate child with a dispensation. I doubt if they even require the dispensation, since they accept most of the new Code of Canon Law. Of course you’d have to contact them to get an official answer, but I’m guessing they wouldn’t have a problem with it.

There was, but as Brendan says it was always possible with proper dispensations. I think the prohibition was officially removed in the late 1980s. I discovered this to my surprise when randomly looking up stuff for one of the novels I’ve been writing. Oddly enough, it worked itself into my story.

Of course this didn’t apply to the SSPX.

The SSPX has their St. Charles Borromeo Canonical Commission to supply any dispensations that canon law reserves to the pope, for whichever canon law they choose to apply on a particular matter.

If the history of the SSPX is new, why is it in traditional catholicism? :confused:

So the Pope has to give the dispensation so how can their commission supply what is reserved for the Pope?

Pax Christi tecum.

I’d say at this point the logic being used here is falling down flat on its face.:frowning:

They admit that they’re unable to give certain dispensations that are reserved to the Pope.

But who grants their dispensations is irrelevant…there’s no longer any dispensation required to ordain an illegitimate son.

i don’t quite understand why it would be an impediment? Can anyone explain?

The Church once decided that illegitimacy could hurt a priest’s image or ability to pastor, so special permission was required to ordain an illegitimate son. Canon law no longer has that requirement.


Sorta silly when at the same time proclaiming the Pope does not need to be impeccable.:rolleyes:

Huh? The Pope and the Church considered illegitimacy an impediment to ordination until recently.

Catholics do not believe in the Pope’s impeccability by the way.

That is EXACTLY what I said!

So why would a lowly priest be held to higher standards?

Especially when its out of his control how he was brought into the world???

I don’t understand who you’re doing the :rotfl: and :rolleyes: at :confused: But that was the law of the Church until recently.

You can start a new thread about that if you want, the topic here is whether the SSPX ordains illegitimate sons.

They have as much authority to ordain anyone as I do.

No, they don’t admit that at all. The SSPX claims that the state of necessity or emergency or whatever gives them supplied jurisdiction. See here for their explanation.

If you read the whole page, they also say that it is best to “be honest and admit” the impossibility of granting certain dispensations that are reserved to the Holy See. Of course you’re right that they claim necessity gives the individual priests supplied jurisdiction. As far as I know, I don’t think they claim that the Commission itself has any jurisdiction.

This is really going off topic though, since no dispensation is required to ordain an illegitimate son.

I guess I should say, “The have the same authority to ordain an illegitimate son as they do a legitimate one.” :smiley:

So they definitely have the ability, but they only have the authority if you buy their argument about the state of necessity.

I don’t buy it. And, I also don’t believe they have any apostolic connection due to schism. I accidently went to one of their “masses” only because they are so deceptive about who they really are.:mad:

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