Can an ordinariate become a rite within the Catholic Church?

For example, could there ever be an Anglican rite in the Catholic Church for those who are in the Ordinariate. What about other churches (the only one I could think that might be close to rejoining Catholicism in any sense would be some Lutheran Branches, or the Orthodox Churches, but they’d be Eastern Churches)?

The Orthodox would just be Eastern Catholic, and use the Divine Liturgy of St Chrysostom or Basil on most Sundays. The EO and the EC both already do this. There are other Liturgies as well, but I don’t see their exclusion when reunification happens.

Episcopalians and Methodists go the way of the Anglican Ordinariate. There probably should be a Lutheran ordinariate, but what would you call it?

Trinitarian Pentecostals would be most at home in the Syro-Malabar tradition.

Baptists and Presbyterians don’t need an ordinariate. Just let them split and split and split so that eventually they, for a lack of churches, will either have to go to Mass or stay home. Church spilts are financial timebombs.

From my understanding the answer is “no”. They are part of the Latin Rite with their own traditions and patrimony.

Any protestant who wishes to become Catholic may go through an Ordinariate parish and be received into the Church as an Anglican Use Catholic and belong to the Ordinariate.

The Anglican Use liturgy is a “use” within the Latin Rite not a “rite” per se.

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So then why are different rites allowed to exist. Why are the Eastern Churches not just considered Eastern uses within the Western rite. Why are they allowed to be rites? I know a lot of it is tradition, but if they are in communion with rome, aren’t they in the broadest sense Roman Catholic? I know Eastern Catholics don’t like being called Roman Catholic and I agree it is wrong to term them as such, but in a sense aren’t they roman catholics?

Because the Eastern Catholic Churches did not originate in the West, but instead in the East. In contrast, the Anglicans came out of the Western (i.e., Latin) Rites.

Okay, now I understand. So then what if a monophysite church like the Ethiopian Orthodox somehow decided to return to the Church, would they be allowed to be a rite since they originated in Ethiopia?

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