Can an unbaptised person receive the gift of grace from God?


For example, you want to resist temptation so you tried to pray for grace from God. However, you are not baptised yet. Do you think God will still grant grace to you?


Personally, I believe God hears the prayers of unbaptised persons as well (I don’t have theological education). But I know that we are supposed to recieve the sacrament of baptism because it’s an active act to show that we believe in Jesus Christ our Lord. So what I’m trying to say is that it’s great to pray even if you aren’t already baptised, but you should contact a priest to get a baptism schedualed so you can become a member of the Church. Baptism is an important part of being a christian, also it’s a way of showing and confirming your faith. I recommend you to get a baptism.


He must give them grace, otherwise I cannot see why those not already baptized would seek baptism.


I believe this as well, so does that mean He will grant His grace to Buddhist, Muslims, etc?


Of course. Faith is knowledge of God by the gift of His Grace.


God calls all people to believe in him and live by his will. Everyone who turns to him and believes in him will recieve his grace. I believe God hears the prayers of non-christians if they turn to our Lord instead of turing to Buddah or any other religious images of some other god etc.


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