Can an Unbaptized Person Pray for Other People?

I was wondering, is it a sin to pray for other people if you are unbaptized? Is it okay for unbaptized people to pray for others?

Also, is it okay to pray for other people with homemade prayers?

Any prayer any time is absolutely fine. An unbaptized person may say the Rosary daily if they choose!
As for “home made” prayers, that is fine. That is 90 percent of our prayer life as a family. There is no “magic” from repetitive or set prayers. They have their place and we do employ them often, daily even. But praying from your heart in a spontaneous prayer is the ultimate conversation with God. Which is what prayer is.

Jesus has revealed to us that God is our Father. Imagine sitting on his lap as a child and tell him about your day. Your joys, disappointments, dreams. A funny joke! Praying like that is just fine too, along with prayers like Our Father and Hail Mary.

God bless and keep you close to his heart.




Fundamentally, prayer is when we raise our minds and hearts to God. This definition should encourage any human being to converse with him.

An unbaptized person may ask God questions to help smooth the paths which lead him to his creator, while the baptized person may ask God to help him properly answer the questions of the unbaptized.

Jesus never said only baptized people can pray.

The words from your heart are usually more acceptable to God than just saying words like a parrot!

You can pray for me as much as you want and you can use home made ones or " official " ones. They all work and are welcome, and thank you ahead of time :).


Welcome home, by the way!

A SIN? Good heavens, no! Of course, anyone can pray to God. Everyone is His creation, His child.

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