"Can Anger Be Getting the Best of Your Marriage?" (An Article)

“One Catholic marriage counselor has the devastating effect of anger and unforgiveness in countless Catholic couples.”
see www.ncregister.com/daily-news/can-anger-be-getting-the-best-of-your-marriage/

That’s good marital advice insofar as saying at least 5 positives to every negative. If we did that, it’d make all the difference.

Some couples strive not to go to bed angry.

I know saying positive things can have a huge impact on a marriage.

I don’t advise newlywed couples not to go to bed angry though. I tried that early in our marriage, I though if we fell asleep angry somehow we were a failure. The only thing that wound up happening is we stayed awake way too LATE arguing! I learned that some serious matters really do need a good night’s sleep. Just my two cents.

I have heard Fr. Morrow being interviewed about that very book. On my list of books to read.

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