Can Animals be Guilty of Sin?


Animals never sinned. They never needed redemption.


Just checking in to see if you all have come to a final verdict.


Q: Can animals be guilty of sin?
A; No, unless human persons (rational animals) are included in one’s definition of animal.


One must point out that we are not to engage in sorcery Or divination of any sort.

As per the Word of God


My Priests confession with my Working dog

Sorry Father, that leg looked so juicy and in need of a bite I just sunk my teeth in.

Sorry Father, yes I was tracking crooks, but then that nasty big grey kangaroo challenged me to a chase.

Sorry Father I know it’s against the law to kill a snake, but hey, it was threatening the sheep.

Yes father ; Jesus is the gate of the Sheep pen. I help Him by getting those wooly lambs moving.

Penance. Share you dinner with the farm cat…


Now I’ve had dogs,chinchillas, a cat, fish, and horses. Never once did I see them break one of the Commandments not unless they went out and committed acts of violence etc…If you believe that animals are capable of sinning then you have never known their love and caring for those who take care of them…God Bless you…:dog2::horse::cat::hamster::tropical_fish:.


I do not believe for one minute that the pets we had disperse into nothingness. If all that love that my dog gave me and knew so much…disappears no…You know what I am talking about… I won’t go any further. God bless::butterfly::butterfly:


If you’ve already made up your mind, then no – there is no demonstration of logic that will prove anything to you. :man_shrugging:

Are animals capable of sin, though?


I didn’t hire him for anything. My brother died and my sister in law questioned him about my brothers destination. I emailed him, not to inquire for my life. I was checking him out b/c of my sister in law going to him. In questioning his beliefs, I asked what his experienced found, out of curiosity on his beliefs. Curious ideas
In Christ’s Love


There is only anecdotal evidence for either side.

The intelligence of parrots was found to be similar to that of a 3yo, below the age of reason.


Here is just one common perpetrator of misdeeds and mayhem.

(Generally unrepentant, though there are some exceptions.)


I have read that all living things possess a soul. We humans have a rational, immortal soul and we can sin. Animals have a sensitive soul, they can feel and think as much as they need to to do what God made them to do. But they can’t sin and their soul doesn’t survive death. Plants have an instinctive soul that allows them to be alive and to respond enough to grow, turn to the sun, flower and in some instances react to damage. But the soul of plants doesn’t survive death either. I read this information or variations there of at various catholic sources. I love my pets very much, particularly my dog. Animals and the companionship they give us are one of the Lords many blessings and I thank Him for them.


I don’t know what the truth regarding animal souls may be, that is for the Lord to know and us to wonder, I know what I have read, but I do think that animals can love.


The animals never ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. By not eating of said fruit, they do not know good and evil, and cannot sin. Death from killing prey is natural evil for which they bear no personal culpability, but caring for their young is a natural good as well. They are also capable of extraordinary good, such as selflessly sacrificing themselves to protect their human masters.


Parrots are marvelous creatures with some degree of "smarts"
And at the same time, parrots cannot reflect on a course of action, and discern whether their actions are ordered to goodness.

Culpability for sin requires conscious deliberation and choice. That’s a lot more than instinct.
Again, only humans have that ability to reflect on themselves and their actions.
Only humans can reflect on and appreciate their “I am”, their existence, and reflect on their end, and consciously direct their lives to that end.
“Imago Dei”.


They never ate the fruit from tree of knowledge of good and evil.


Eating from the tree does not give humans self awareness or the ability to reflect. We are given that prior.
Eating from the tree means making one’s self the center of goodness, Or making one’s self the arbiter and end of morality.
In truth, morality is centered in “the good”, which is God. In reflecting upon one’s self and making choices we have an objective reference point in God (as revealed in Christ).
To the degree our conscience and choices are anchored in Christ we are truly free. To the degree we make ourselves God and choose against, we cultivate slavery to sin.


Frankly, I’m a little surprised we’re even having this conversation. Isn’t this something that has been made clear in catechism at about third grade level? I’m not meaning to disrespect anyone here, just pointing out a fact.


Human exceptionalism can be a radical idea these days.
“Imago Dei”.


I think that’s the first time I’ve ever been told that the Bible is “only anecdotal”… :thinking:

Not the question I asked. I’ll try again: is a parrot capable of sinning? Is he capable of making a moral judgment?

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